WadeCoffeeLife has interruptions. There are ups and downs and twists and turns that may throw you off balance.  So how do you get yourself back on track and keep yourself centered, passionate and thriving?

To learn more about surviving and thriving your life interruption, contact me for a 30-minute complimentary session.  See what having a life coach can do for you.




“If there is one thing I’ve learned from working with Wade, it’s how to tackle personal and professional challenges with productive thinking. Unlike other methods that might simply preach universal strategies and tactics, Wade’s coaching approaches each new topic with a meaningful sense of co-creation, inviting clients to create their own plans and solutions in ways that works best for them. She also encourages clients to strive for a heightened sense of self-awareness, providing an open, supportive environment at all times. With Wade’s help, I’ve been able to identify real tactics that have improved my approach to career planning and helped to focus my energy in more manageable, productive ways.”
-L.H. female, 25

“I was ready to finally work on me when I was put in touch with Wade. We had weekly calls, with sporadic email and text exchanges where Wade helped me target my goals. We then created realistic techniques for monitoring my practice/self-work in both immediate and long term situations.  It is a challenge – don’t get me wrong. Wade’s passion for coaching, understanding of our mind-body connection, and graceful tact with and without her ‘coaching hat’ make the experience and your long-term results invaluable. “
- Marissa, female, 26

“I felt the benefits of her guidance right after our very first conversation. Wade has a remarkable way of asking just the right questions to make me re-evaluate the way I think about and approach various situations, which enabled me to see things more clearly, and then feel confident enough to take positive action. Wade led me into some fascinating territory as I learned the importance and impact of my word choice, and gained more insight into my own behavior patterns.  Wade has a beautiful and soft speaking voice that is intrinsically calming and it is an absolute delight to speak with her each week.”
-C.D. female 24